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Serving pure drinking water since 19 years


Sarah Aqua Soft, as a water treatment manufacturer, lends its hand in protecting the most precious natural resource by building the most efficient water system in the market.

Sarah Aqua Soft, the manufacturer of DomesticCommercial Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Water Vending machine (Water ATM), incepted in early 2001s with a vision to provide affordable purified drinking water to every Indian household.

Domestic RO System

Innovative & Beautifully Crafted Water Purification Machines for Domestic Use. Aqua Soft RO Comes with various filtration processes like  RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller and Alkaline. We have a capacity of manufacturing 15000 machines per month

Commercial RO Water Plants

We at Sarah Aqua Soft manufacturing  Industrial & Commercial Skid Mount RO Starting with a capacity of  250 LPH (litre-per-hour) to 25000 LPH (litre-per-hour). Our commercial RO water plants are successfully running in Corporates & Government Departments.  

Water Vending Machines (Water ATM)

Aqua Soft is the First Water Company who introduces Water Vending Machine (Water ATM ) in Indian Market. Our In-house manufacturing designs & technology dispense clean reverse-osmosis (RO) filtered, chilled drinking water at a most affordable cost. Not only this our Water ATM Business Module is promoting Entrepreneurship & Creating thousands of Jobs in India. We have installed 450+ Water ATM’s successfully in various parts of the country.  

Water E-Rickshaw

Our Water E-Rickshaw is a new innovation that helps people to have easy access to Pure Drinking Water at an affordable cost. It is a replacement of Water Trolleys that used to serve unhealthy water to the public. Aqua Soft Water E-Rickshaw comes with a STORAGE WATER TANK with an inbuilt chiller that keeps the storage water COLD by maintaining the temperature till 12 hours.  Water Storage is fixed over Heavy Loader E-Rickshaw that comes with 04 Batteries and gives the flexibility to drive 70 Km on a single recharge.


We provide customized solutions for all Water-Related Products including Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, DM Plant, Water Softner, Iron Removal, Bottling Plant, Mineral Water Plant and more. 


Range Between INR 7000 – 35000


SARAH AQUA SOFT has insisted that we keep the excellent quality of residential products, competitive prices, innovative and outstanding water purification RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller along with Alkaline products since we founded this company. Our unique design makes installation easier and operation more stable.

Commercial RO Plant

250 LPH to 1000 LPH


We are Sarah Aquasoft, a leader in designing and manufacturing water filtration plants and equipment. We draw upon the latest technologies – including reverse osmosis membranes and UV, UV, TDS Controller technology  – to provide every Indian homes and businesses with cleaner water systems.

Water E-Rickshaw

Capacity of 350 liter Storage 


Aqua Soft water e-rickshaw is worked like a STORAGE WATER TANK with a capacity of 350 Liter. It comes with an inbuilt chiller that keeps the storage water COLD by maintaining the temperature till 12 hours.  Water Storage is fixed over Heavy Loader E-Rickshaw that comes with 04 Batteries (100 AMP) and gives the flexibility to drive 70 Km after single recharge.

Industrial RO

Ranging from 50 LPH to 50000 LPH


Sarah Aqua Soft Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are designed and manufactured for commercial and industrial uses and applications. These systems have been engineered for capacities ranging from 50 LPH to 50000 LPH. Available in smaller, per-engineered industrial skidded and compact model systems, we also manufacture machine as per clients business requirements fully and semi automatic plants. Products include reverse osmosisactivated carbonultravioletdesalinationdisinfection and scale prevention water and wastewater treatment, filtration and purification systems

Water Coolers

40 to 500 litre of water storage


To provide pure and healthy water at the commercial places, Sarah Aqua soft manufacture its wide range of water cooler with inbuilt RO system.  It comes with 40, 50, 80, 100, 150, 250, 500 liter of water storage, purification capacity of 40, 50, 80, 100, 150, 250 LPH literper hour and has a cooling capacity up-to 500 liters.

Water Vending Machines

Ranging 100 LPH to 2000 LPH


We design and manufacture automated Self-Serve water vending machine that dispenses clean reverse-osmosis (RO) filtered, chilled drinking water at a very affordable cost. We are the one of first and the best manufacturer for WATER VENDING MACHINE (WATER ATM) in the Indian market and the leader in Water Vending Machine business startups. We design our machine to be low maintenance allowing for higher profits to you. We customize each of our machines to your specific water type and chemical composition.


Since Past 19 Years, We are known for Quality and Innovative Water Treatment Solutions. Our new innovations helping people to avail healthy drinking water in affordable prices. 

Business With Us

Indian water purifier market to reach $4.1 billion by 2024 – TMR (US). We are expanding with our partnerships and business associations. Our aim is to create 600+ new entrepreneurs and 4000+ new jobs in the Indian Water Industry by 2020. Be a  part of Recession-Proof Industry. 

Based on our experience in the industry so far, Aqua Soft has found two major issues that restrict the access to purified drinking water – availability and affordability. Aqua Soft’s Water purification solutions aim to solve both these problems. As we progress in the second decade of our operation, the company is working towards its mission of providing livelihood also along with affordable water solutions.

“We are hundred per cent satisfied with the product quality & sales after services provided by Aqua Soft ”

Ranjeet Kumar


Right from finalising the franchise, Aqua Soft Team has been very supportive to us throughout. Proud to be associated with a company that is heading towards making the consumer’s experience hassle-free.

Jinesh Kothari

Franchise, Mumbai

When I was exploring various business opportunities, I came across Aqua Soft Water franchise. I got to know about the massive potential that the water industry market holds and I am glad I was able to make the right choice.

Narayan Singh

Franchise, Varanasi