Frequently Asked Questions

What is RO Water Technology? Are they better than conventional and other water purifiers? How to become a business partner, what’s the initial investment?

Here you will find answers to all these questions and more.

What is the RO Water Filter Technology?

RO Water stands for Reverse Osmosis, its a reversal of the natural osmosis process. This process is used to desalinate aqueous solutions using suitable high-performance membranes. It’s possible today to remove more than 99% of all salts from an aqueous solution.

From the procedures of membrane filtration, reverse osmosis is the one with the highest separation limit. The raw water which is to be desalinated is further taken into a chamber that is sealed by means of a semi-permeable membrane. Then due to the osmotic pressure gradient, an artificial pressure is created in the chamber. As the membrane is only permeable to pure water, but not for ions and other particles dissolved in the water, part of the raw water (=concentrated solution) will become pure, desalinated water (permeate) and the other part will become an even higher concentrated solution (concentrate). For this process, Aqua Soft uses the latest version of high-quality ultra-low reassure membranes. 

What is DMA (Direct Marketing Associate) & . how it functions?

DMA (Direct Marketing Associate) is our business partnership program developed for new entrepreneurs. DMA will act like a distributor and work in the assigned territory.  DMA will be responsible for Retail, Online and offline sales in the given territory. 

What is Initial Investment Required for DMA ? And what's Profit Ratio?

The initial investment for DMA starts with INR 3 Lakh and can go up to 10 lakh. Initial investment depends on the size of territory, water filter demand and moreover product segment. For an example for Domestic & Industrial RO products; one can become the part of Sarah AquaSoft partnership program with an investment of 3-5 lakh. But in the case of Water Vending machines, this will go to 7-10 lakh. 

We offer minimum 25-30% ROI (Return on Investment) 

What kind of support we will get from AquaSoft?

We are here to support you fully in terms of Marketing, Logistics, Product Training and Demo product. 

What do you mean by Business Leads for Partners ?

By business leads, we mean that we provide customer’s direct leads from your demographics. For an example, if you are an authorized DMA in say location PUNE; then we will provide you daily 5-10 potential business leads. 

You will get direct customer’s lead through SMS/Mail or CRM. 

In case, of commercial RO – we provide you atleast 20-30 potential corporate leads every month. 

What the minimum stock I need to maintain as a DMA?

Being an authorized Sarah AquaSoft’s DMA one need to maintain atleast 10 days stock depending upon demand and potential of business. 

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